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Inflation declined by three percent, Central Bank

Rwanda’s inflation decelerated to 2

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Gold pulls up exports as trade deficit nears double-digits rise

Rwanda’s exports recorded a positive outlook growing by nearly 14 percent in 2020, an increment attributed to high receipts from refined gold which tremendously grew by 134

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Gatsibo unsolved murder: victim relatives complain delayed investigation

Relatives of a young man who was beaten to death at Kiziguro Gatsibo District in eastern Province have blamed the Rwanda Investigation Bureau for delayed investigation in the case

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At the forensic laboratory, every contact leaves a trace

The body tissues, fluids, body prints, shoe marks and many more are the things Rwanda Forensic Laboratory handles to provide law enforcement with scientific evidence to establish who is who in an investigation

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The tender love, the indifferent law and the ended lives

We revisited cases of convicted young men for defilement, the constitutional petition that challenged the provision that convicted them, talked to the authorities on the ground, families of convicted young men and defiled young women

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Court convicts Kenyan, Burundian for trafficking Burundian women after contentions over witnesses

The High Court Chamber for International Crimes convicted two men, Kenyan and Burundian, for trafficking 11 Burundian women in a case of sharp contentions over the victims’ witnesses which the defendants dismissed as unsubstantial

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Court orders insurer to pay loan for deceased whose life insurance entered without knowing he was on deathbed

The commercial High Court in Kigali ordered Soras (now Sanlam) insurance company to pay a loan whose owner had life cover at the insurer just a month before he succumbed to liver cancer which he never revealed to the insurance company

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